Monday, 29 September 2014


A few of us have been covering A Clockwork Spiral this past few weeks. The charity even ends on the 1st of October, so there isn't much time left.
I decided to show you all a few of the non wearables that the event has to offer. This wheelchair has to be my favorite.

Mesh Avatar& Eyes - Cheerno - Not Free
Mustache - The Stringer Mausoleum - Free Gift @ Shop Free*Style
Outfit&Hat - ImmateriA - 50% to charity @ A Clockwork Spiral Event
Monocle&Pocket Watch - Amaranthus - Twisted Hunt
Pet Mouse - Krystal - L$1 Gift @ Re Love to Roleplay
Pose - Rook Poses - New @ A Clockwork Spiral Event
Wheelchair - by Nacht - 100% to charity @ A Clockwork Spiral Event
Side Table - 22769 [bauwerk] - 100% to charity @ A Clockwork Spiral Event
Divan - NanTra - 50% to charity @ A Clockwork Spiral Event

TP to A Clockwork Spiral

Saturday, 27 September 2014

.:fade to blue:.

Skin--The Skinnery Marni 1 (100L at The Arcade gacha event)
Hair--Mina Iris (70L pastel and ombre pastel color packs at The Dressing Room Fusion)
Eyes--KMADD Mesh Eyes Sampler Demo (free demo)
Eyelashes--Lumae Eyelashes Longer (part of group gift in store)
Eyebrows--The Skinnery Marni Brows (100L at The Arcade gacha event)
Tattoo--Para Designs Deadly Spades (30L cheapie)
Jewelry--Maxi Gossamer Royal Autumn Forest Acorn (150L at 50% off Flash Sale)
Dress--Nightmare Design Twilight Boa Ladies Summer Dress (1L No White Clothes after Labor Day hunt item)
Mesh hands--SLink Flat (worn with The Skinnery skin applier)
Mesh nail appliers--Reverie Sinful (5L Enhance My Avatar Hunt item)
Pose--!bang homme 010-019 (50% off pose pack at The Men's Department)

Posted by Abra Zelin

New at Shop Free*Style and More!

  Hello hello hello! Do I have some awesome for you!  Today I bring you some awesome.  Jalwa and Bilo have some awesome items out as cheapies for Shop Free*Style.  For those of you who like your Physique and The Mesh Project bodies there is even something in this for you!!  Joy!  I love it so much every time a designer puts a new item out at Shop Free*Style.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw these.  Love!  I bet you will love them too.  Demos available for both.
  I want to make a special note about my collar.  Lolapop has this collar out at A Clockwork Spiral and it is a charity donation item, giving 100% of its proceeds to the National Kidney Foundation.  Make sure to check out the event for full and partial donation items from lots of brands.  More info. about it can be found HERE.
Dress: Bilo, 10L @ Shop Free*Style
Skin: Jalwa @ Shop Free*Style, 50L (includes skin as well as appliers for Physique and The Mesh      Project)
Collar: Lolapop @ A Clockwork Spiral, 100% charity donation item
Hair: Magika

Friday, 26 September 2014


Collar and armwarmers--Plastik Pitch Outfit (50L for Fifty Linden Friday)
Dress--Sn@tch Sister Darkness (fishing prize, caught with 100L rod and no bait)

Outfit--Sn@tch Sister Darkness (fishing prize, caught with 100L rod and no bait)

Worn in both:
Skin--Lumae Delphine Royal (group gift in store)
Hair--Pr!tty Kora (group gift in store)
Eyes--KMADD Mesh Eyes Sampler Demo (free demo)
Eyelashes--Lumae Eyelashes Longer (part of group gift in store)
Eyeshadow--Izzie's Patty Eyeshadow (group gift in store, 250L join fee)
Horns--Sn@tch Sister Darkness (fishing prize, caught with 100L rod and no bait)
Mesh hands--SLink Gesture
Mesh nail appliers--Reverie Rabbit Hole (5L Paint My Nails Hunt item)
Poses--oOo Bianca (50L pose pack for Fifty Linden Friday)

Posted by Abra Zelin

Time to go home

I have to actually admit to never having a home in sl. I have always had land. I've always had better use for the prims, than a home. It is a luxury I just can't afford.

I do have a linden home, but really, what can you do with those??? haha

We don't often cover Home&Garden here on Free*Style, but we do try to include it when we can.

The Home&Garden Expo is going on right now. This is a Relay for Live charity event. There are more than a few of them throughout the year, but this one is dedicated just for the H&G category of designers.

I am showing you the donation item, this pale hutch from Funky Junk. 100% of the proceeds from the sales made go towards chairty.

All the items on the hutch come with it, so you get all the books, baskets, candles, flowers, leaves and so on. It's a fairly good deal for the quality and amount you get, plus it;s for charity, so well worth it.

You have until the 28th of September to get to the event and look around. There is a L$10 hunt as well as a L$25 hunt going on, brought to you by various designers and sponsors that are on the sims.

Here is a TP to the H&G Expo

Pumpkin Lantern - C-Outlet - L$10 SL Marketplace Deal
Cottage - Funky Junk - New @ H&G Expo

Hutch - Funky Junk - 100% Charity Item @ H&G Expo
Art - [CIRCA] - New @ H&G Expo
Chairs&Table Set - [CIRCA] - New @ H&G Expo

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Belleza Gacha Roundup

The new Belleza store is open, and all past gachas from The Arcade are now in store for the same low price of 100L per play! Combined with the current round at The Arcade, there are six beautiful skins to choose from! 
From left to right: 
Skin--Belleza gacha skins (100L per play)
--Emily 11 (at The Arcade, worn with lipgloss and moles, also included)
--Ellie 14 (in store)
--Leila14 (in store)

From left to right: 
Skin--Belleza gacha skins (100L per play)
--Mimi 8 (in store, worn with lipgloss and freckles, also included)
--Suki 12 (in store, worn with lipgloss, also included)
--Tara 12 (in store, worn with freckles, also included)

Worn in all: 
Hair--Little Bones Feline (group gift in store, 100L join fee)
Eyes--IKON Hope (various colors)
Eyelash tattoo--Lumae Eyelashes Normal (part of group gift in store)
Necklace--Secrets of Gaia Twisted Special Edition Necklace (Twisted Hunt item)
Pantsuit--Blah Blah Blah Sonya Pantsuit (No White Clothes after Labor Day Hunt item)
Pose--oOo Trudy

Posted by Abra Zelin

Miss VonPirass

Hey Guys! It's been a while! I am back in my digital flesh, ready to tackle the upcoming seasons. I'll talk more on another post, because this one is for something a bit more important than my own avatar.

A Clockwork Spiral is going on strong, after a week the event has raised almost 500k lindens to The National Kidney Foundation.

I want to thank you all for your generosity. While I am not a part of this event, I am normally a part of other events held by the Cursed Team.

I have always done my best to both be in the events, and give them as much coverage as me and our team here, can manage.

Since coming back, I have heard that a lot of events have had trouble with people, flinging around negative comments. Information is key. Often times there is questions that need to be addressed by the events to the general public

Is the Charity real?
Where is my money going?
Was it used for the purpose it was intended for?

and so on.

The Cursed team has always been very transparent, and have tried their best to give as many updates as humanly possible, while running these events.

I really suggest you take a look at the website. There is  FAQ that addresses many of the questions that seem to commonly pop up.

Credits and more photos after the break.